From Columbus, OH, jacey j. is a rapper, singer, and song-writer in the genres of Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B. He is a strong believer in the power of positive entertainment.

Finding his place not only in the hip-hop scene, but also in the hearts of music-lovers everywhere, Jacey has found himself in the midst of some curious opportunities. His first tour in 2012 was with a slew of metal and hard-core bands – the guilty pleasure of heavy-music fans. Since then Jacey has shared the stage with inspirations and friends Travis Mills, G-Eazy, Moosh & Twist, John Reuben, PJ North, Cris Cab, Jonny Craig, Kyle Lucas and many more.

“For many years, Depression battled me daily. It relentlessly consumed every hope and dream of mine. Consequently, this harmed my work, my happiness and every relationship I cared about. I saw others through this false and self-defeating lens. Ultimately I viewed myself through this lens as well and it nearly cost me all that I was born to be.

But in a moment of true transparency and deepest self reflection, I saw the carnage. I reviewed the history of the emotional destruction I had caused. I looked at it several times and firmly decided…to change my viewpoint. To get rid of the lens in front of me that I had not asked for but had tolerated. To end the cycle of despair that had caused great pain to myself and all those I love and respect.

Yes, that day changed everything! In that moment, I put on new glasses and lived with a new heart. At that instant I forever knew I was never going back to those shadows ever again.

So my hate has turned to happiness, my loathing has turned to love, my wandering has turned to winning and my pain has transformed into prayer.

And now, keeping the good vibes is the Only Thing I Know!”