Rejection & Persistence

Enter: re·jec·tion

 the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc.

I hate to be negative.

So I won’t be negative, I’m positive that the movers and shakers I engaged surrounding the release of my latest song did not get it, or didn’t like it.

When releasing Only Thing I Know (+Listen here), I submitted myself for consideration for several opportunities, press write ups, reviews, features and so on. I was met with responses from various outlets informing me as to why it wouldn’t/couldn’t work right now.

I received a report of how the song performed in an online structure (+SoundOut) where people listen to the song before they are provided any information about the artist or the song. Part of that report is depicted below.


As you can see, the bulk of people indicated the song was a 7-9/10, which is favorable in my mind. This was not a group of existing fans/supporters of what I do, but people who were being introduced to me, or at least this song for the first time. After receiving such a positive indication of market potential, I expected landing the opportunities to be easy, and for everything else I was working on to fall into place.





Not the case. My inbox was flooded for weeks with emails such as these. There are more. About 160 more than what I was able to include here. Unfortunately the program I was using to make the collage did not allot for all the screenshots. I had to shrink these ones to make this many fit, but I think you’ll get the gist. I experienced rejection in a big way. From industry people to 15 y/o bloggers on the internet. Ever been degraded by a teenager? Horrible experience…but I digress.

All this, to really say, what person truly has the position to put a ceiling on your passion? Do the opinions of others define your path? I made a decision to not let hearing no, declined, not at this time, etc,  any number of times stop me, or deter my vision. I know there will be road blocks and barriers to entry along the way, and there will be many doors closed in my face. Does it stand to reason I may be banging on the wrong doors?

Enter: per·sist·ence

 firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Because persistence perpetuates passion, and it can open new doors…


You won’t know it at the time of reading this, but you are looking at the beginning of something very big and exciting right above this sentence. And it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this song. It wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t keep banging down doors. It also wouldn’t have happened if the song weren’t actually performing pretty well. Plays & purchases are still happening – thank you.

I hope by giving you insight to the relation to rejection and persistence in my life, I have encouraged and enabled you to carry on and keep the good vibes, too.


Much love,